Michael Adenuga’s Banana Island Property


Otunba Michael Adenuga is an entrepreneur and also the second richest man in Africa. He is the owner of Globalcom … Nigeria’s second-largest telecom operator operating in other countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast and the Republic of Benin. He also has extensive interests in Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Banking, and many other business areas

Mikes property is located in banana Island and reported to be the most expensive private residence in Nigeria.

front view -Mike Adenuga's property in Banana Island, Lagos

It is made up of a mind blowing collection of nine luxury duplexes sitting on 3 hectares of prime land considering the fact that Banana Island is regarded as one of the most expensive areas to live in Africa.


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Mike Adenuga’s Banana Island property is located right on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean and has been described by many who have personally seen it as almost the size of a university.

Mr. Adenuga’s estate includes 9 stunning duplexes. 8 apartments are used for visitors and family members. At the same time, the famous businessman holds only one house as his residence and home office.

Near the central house, there’s a large and tall round building made of glass and concrete. The structure is covered with golden reflective and glass and is clearly visible from the street.

There are other conveniences in the estate such as:

  • meeting hall for 200 seats
  • church mosque
  • berth for yachts
  • large swimming pool
  • within doors heliport
  • impressive car park

The manor is heavily guarded. Besides the above-mentioned high fence, it is equipped with two watchtowers.

aerial view photo - Mike Adenuga's property in Banana Island, Lagos


A Helipad and a sports centre can also be sighted from the drone coverage of the property which is said to be right beside that owned by billionaire Dantata and opposite the mansion owned by a popular blogger.


It is not just a big house, but a true manor that can accommodate not only the businessman and his family but a large number of guests and visitors. Mr. Adenuga’s mansion occupies the three hectares.


Below are photos of the buildings within the vast estate on Banana Island belonging to Otunba Mike Adenuga


rear view - helicopter pad



photo of bronze covered oval building



helicopter pad at the back of the property



side view of Mike Adenuga's property



photo - adenuga house - under construction



side view of one of the properties



front view - main house



Photo of the front view of the main house







swimming pool



Within the house is a massive swimming pool



Below is a video clip showing the frontage of the property



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