Most Luxurious Estate in Abuja Nigeria!

Tayo Aina together with the CEO of Hall7 (Mr Olayinka Baimoh) takes us through a luxury tour of one of the most expensive real estate development in the Federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria. If you have plans of moving to Nigeria and owning real estate, this video is for you.

Located within Mbora District of Nigeria’s Federal Capital City, its proximity to ring road 2 provides easy access to shopping and entertainment destinations, the central business district, international airport road access, acclaimed hospitals and schools.

The Estate has a collection of carefully designed homes, coming in four different contemporary styles (The Super deluxe villa, The Deluxe villa, The Front Villa and The Bridge Apartments), allowing each home to be a reflection of the owner’s personality, desires and aspiration.


Who is Mr Olayinka Braimoh?

Mr Olayinka Braimoh, the ceo of Hall7 real estate properties is the one behind building this big and beautiful estate .

You can find out more about how Mr Braimoh by clicking on the link below, where he shares his story about how he came to build this iconic estate in Abuja and how he managed to build a successful real estate business in Nigeria

There’s a lot to learn from his story so if you want to probably buy related property or invest in property in Nigeria…. this video clip might give you some insight into what is involved.

  • See Olayinka Braimohs interview here
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