Mixta Real Estate Plc Gets Listed On The FMDQ Exchange

Mixta Real Estate Plc has been admitted to list its N1.66 billion commercial paper (CP) on the FMDQ Securities Exchange.

FMDQ Securities Exchange Limited (“FMDQ Exchange” or “the Exchange”) provides a choice platform for the registrations, listings, quotations, and trading of debt securities, towards empowering the Nigerian financial market.

Mixta Real Estate’s N1.66 billion Series 33 CP was issued under its N20 billion CP issuance programme.

Mixta Real Estate PLC (“Mixta”), a subsidiary of Mixta Africa, is a leading real estate development company in Nigeria.

It has a strong track record and diverse real estate portfolio, with operations spanning the residential, commercial, and retail sectors of the Nigerian real estate industry.

Mixta has successfully delivered close to 4,400 real estate assets, comprising homes, plots and retail outlets to end-buyers and continues to seek innovative solutions to activate development finance for affordable housing in Nigeria.

The Mixta commercial paper (CP), like all other securities listed, quoted and traded on the FMDQ Exchange platform, will be availed global visibility through FMDQ Exchange’s website and systems, transparency through its inclusion in the FMDQ daily Quotations List, governance and continuous information disclosure to protect investor interest, credible price formation amongst other benefits derived from its preferred admission to the FMDQ Exchange platform.

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