Porto Golf Resort In Northern Nigeria

One of the modern day real estate gems hidden in the Northern part of Nigeria, Kano state, is the Porto Golf Resort. Its sits on between 60 to 80 hectares of land

The clip below shows the Ghanian Vlogger “Wode Maya” interviewing the manager, Mohammed Nakudu and also showing us various features within the Golf Resort.

The whole concept is to sort of provide a community where everyone can come with their family and friends, so it’s supposed to be an integrated place where everyone has something to do at the same time so you can come with your family.

You can play golf while the kids are playing with other kids, Your wife can be rested in the charlet so it’s an all-round environment for families .

It’s surprising to note that such a resort exist in Nigeria which is backed by various comments expressing the same

The interesting thing about this resort is that is in The North. Never knew such places exist in Northern Nigeria. Time for me to look beyond Lagos, Abuja and Enugu. I will be taking a vacation there.

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