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This website is for people who want to in one way or another get involved in the Nigeria Property Market.

Whether you’re just thinking of renting for the short term, looking to rent an apartment or a mansion, buying property, letting property, selling property, investing or just wanting to relocate your workforce; there is something for you here.

You will find here a collection of the the most up-to-date information and expert advice on everything to do with the Nigerian Property Market.

You will also find here the latest collection of information, tools, tips and resources on

  • the best ways to find a property to rent, buy and/or invest in anywhere in Nigeria,
  • how to increase your chances of finding the type of property you want and
  • how to avoid scam landlords, sellers and agents and protect your interest when looking for a property to rent or buy

It is hoped that with time that this website will become a database of information to help anyone, anywhere in the world who needs to buy, rent or invest in property anywhere in Nigeria….

without having to spend a fortune to get the right information they need…

This site is updated regularly and has a great deal of contribution from members and property experts and agents in Nigeria.

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