Reply To: Advice needed on which white paint to use

The Governor

    You might find the following useful if you are doing the job yourself

    Work procedure

    Pre painted surfaces

    Walls and ceilings-

    • Surfaces hand and machine sanded. Machine sander is connected to a vacuum to reduce dust spread.
    • Stress cracks (generally found above doors and windows) taped then 2 coats filler
    • Other imperfections filled then sanded smooth
    • Filler spot primed
    • All corners caulked
    • Paint applied with de-nib and second fill between coats

    Wood work-

    • Surfaces hand and machine sanded
    • Damaged areas repaired using 2 pack filler
    • Corners caulked
    • 1 coat primer/undercoat
    • 180g Sand till smooth
    • Paint applied with de-nib between coats

    Generally wood work is completed first which is then masked off then ceilings and walls completed. This creates perfect lines between wood work and walls.

    Flooring and furniture will be protected on entry, floors vacuumed on completion.

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