4 Things Your Landlord Hides That Could Affect Your Tenancy

‘What is my landlord hiding from me?’ is one of the first questions you should ask yourself when considering renting a property in Nigeria.

Tenants face a lot of challenges when looking for the right property that meets their budget requirements. Some of these challenges have damaged the trust most tenants have for their landlords.

The truth is that your landlord may not disclose everything you need to know about a property before renting it out. Sometimes, this could be deliberate and sometimes it could be an oversight on the part of the landlord. The more you are aware of what some of these issues are, the better you can protect yourself.

what is my landlord hiding from me

However, Kevin Perk of Time.com claimed that some landlord are not interested in hiding anything from their tenants, wish tenants knew some facts about their prospective properties; that tenants are just ignorant to the information and that can easily lead to dispute in between Tenants and Landlords.

Here are some of the things your landlord may or may not deliberately withhold from you when renting a property:

Your landlord may not notify you of a pending dispute

Some landlords are so evasive when it comes to providing information to their prospective tenants. While it is the duty of the tenant to find out certain things about a property before agreeing to rent it, it is also fair for the landlord to be open. A property whose owner died without leaving a will could cause a problem for the tenant in the long run. Tenants have been victim of renting a property from a landlord who is not directly in charge.

Your landlord may not notify you of any mortgage issue

Some tenants have had to start looking for a new property to move to after learning that their landlord has mortgaged his property. He may not disclose this to you because he feels you might not want to go ahead with the deal.

A landlord may not notify you of a major defect in the proposed property

Imagine moving to a house with serious structural defects such as broken pipes, leaking roofs and weak foundations? This is a common problem usually faced by tenants. Tenants have had to spend huge amount of money fixing some damages in the house.

A landlord might not tell you how often he increases his rent

Some landlords increase their rents virtually every year, which leaves the tenant with little to plan with in terms of saving for his own property. This is not often disclosed in the tenancy agreement ab initio. and these can totally affect the plan of tenants that has also got family to cater for.

So, next time you venture into property renting, ask yourself this question: “what is my landlord hiding from me?” and try your best to get the best answers. So that you don’t end up blaming yourself throughout your stay in his property.

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