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RealEstatesNigeria.com is one of the best known and respected brands in the property industry in Nigeria and in fact the No1. residential property website in Nigeria today.

The RealEstatesNigeria.com brand was originally founded by property and relocation expert Iyanda Adisa

RealEstatesNigeria.com was established with the idea of making property buying, selling and property investment easy, efficient and stress free in Nigeria not only for house hunters but for real estate and letting agents too.

RealEstatesNigeria.com is now seen as one of the leading companies of its type in Nigeria with an enviable reputation for acting as a trusted information site on real estate in Nigeria.

Our people and our professionalism give us that intangible “something” that sets us apart from the growing industry crowd.

Below are some of the factors that we believe set up apart.


Our people

At the heart of RealEstatesNigeria.com is a team consisting of some of the industry’s leading property experts.

As individuals, each one of our consultants is exceptional. They are knowledgeable, personable and driven. Each one brings their own strengths to bear within a team that amounts to a great deal more than simply the sum of its parts.

We all do this job because we love it. We enjoy the challenges that the Nigerian property industry produces and the people that it enables us to meet.

Clients benefit from our up-to-the-minute knowledge and extensive experience of the Nigerian Property Market.


Our experience

Each one of our team has the length and breadth of experience to ensure that our clients get the best advice possible. We don’t think that any problem is too big, or too small.

Over the years, some of Nigeria’s leading CEO’s and captains of industry have entrusted the RealEstatesNigeria.com brand to serve their private property needs.

The RealEstatesNigeria.com culture is built around attention to detail, client care, responsiveness and providing first class solutions.


Our technology

RealEstatesNigeria.com has made significant investments in cutting edge, custom designed software systems. Information is made available to our consultants in real time, regardless of location or operating platform.


Our commitment

RealEstatesNigeria.com truly practices what it preaches. We treat every client assignment with equal levels of enthusiasm, vigour and care.

We are very proactive in our approach. Whilst the open market is a large source of property, over 60% of the houses we helped our clients find last year were never openly marketed. Persistence, coupled with our active networking, help ensure a positive outcome for our clients.


Our Independence

Whilst RealEstatesNigeria.com has an impressive history as the preferred partner for leading private banks, law firms, sports and media agents, and advisors; RealEstatesNigeria.com is an independently owned firm. We owe no allegiance to any Bank, company or advertiser. We therefore are more likely to call a “spade” a “spade”.

Our success stems from our high quality of customer service, advice, independence and proven ability to understand each client’s unique property requirements, and ability to deliver exceptional results.


Our contacts

Each one of us lives and works within our region and works hard to establish strong and relevant relationships with local contacts. This ensures we have optimum market access as well as being able to point clients in the right direction for other property related issues, such as planning or refurbishment.


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