8 Key Questions About Transport You Ought To Ask Before Renting

Often, people are so focused on finding a property to rent that they fail to take into consideration their transport needs in choosing where to rent or buy a property.

One of the key things you need to take into consideration when searching for a property to rent is your transportation need. It can often make the difference between you enjoying your property and you falling out of love with your new property.

The key to property is location…location…location!!!

Answering the following questions when searching for a property to rent or buy might help you understand your transport needs better

1. How easy will it be for you to get to work?

You need to put into consideration how easy it will be for you to commute to and back from work daily. You need to look at the distance and also the time it will take you to get to your place of work.

2. The Cost Of Getting To & From Work…

Whether you are travelling by car, public transport or any means it is important to consider your cost of transportation. If you own your own car and drive to and from work… you would want to consider the cost of fuel to and from work daily.

If on the other hand you use public transport services then you want to consider how much it will cost you daily to get to and from work.

3. What’s The Traffic Like?

You want to know what the traffic is like especially at peak times in the morning and the evening. You want to avoid properties that are situated in major bottle neck areas or tight major roads. Remember you have to get to work and you don’t want your friends or family members to shy away from visiting you because your area is prone to heavy traffic.

4. How noisy does it get during the day or at night?.

If the property is on a major route, you need to know how noisy it gets during the day and at night. You can easily find this out by visiting the area both during the day and at night to see the flow of traffic in the area. You have enough problems putting up with the sound of generators not then add horns blaring. Avoid living close to major bus stops or garages if you can…..

5. Taxis…. Can you easily spot taxi services around?

You might want to check out how easy it is to get a taxi in the area. There are some areas believe it or not that Taxi drivers will not go after certain times. All this is good till you have to use a taxi late at night and then realise that you will have no option but to walk all the way.

You can easily check this by observing what types of transport you see going in and out of the area.

6. What is the local public transport like in the area?

Are there good bus transport services in the area.? If you do not drive, it would be nice to check out bus routes and their easy availability.

You should look into the public transportation services in the area. You never know when you might need to use an alternative means of transportation. Even if you don’t forsee yourself using public transport… family and friends that are  visiting will be using these services…. nobody wants to walk Kilometers just to visit.

7. How easy is it to get to the places that are important to you?

You will also need to consider how easy it is to get to the places that are important to you. If you are the kind of person that has to travel frequently by air both within the country and internationally, you might want to put into consideration the distance and time to get to the airport from your home.

8. Are there other transport systems within easy reach, such as the Okada?

You should also be aware of other means of transportation in the area, maybe easier to move around on bikes popularly known as Okada or the tricyle called keke maruwa although they are not allowed in some areas of Lagos state now.

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